Welcome to Prendergast Vale nursery.

    On entering nursery children are starting on their educational journey. Our aim is to engender a love of learning in the children, encouraging them to become independent and inquisitive learners. We do this by providing a stimulating environment, with a wide variety of exciting activities that the children can either assess independently or with support.

    For our phonics learning we use a combination of Jolly Phonics and Letters and Sounds. We use the Collins Big Cat reading scheme books. 

    The Nursery curriculum covers seven areas of learning:


      Personal, Social and Emotional                                  Physical Development

      Personal social emotional                               physical dev


      Communication and Language                             Literacy (Reading and Writing)

      communication language                               literacy         


          Understanding the World                                               Maths

      understanding the world                                maths                


              Expressive Arts

      expressive arts


    The characteristics of learning define what type of learner the children are.

    These include:

    1. Playing and exploring
    2. Active learning
    3. Creating and thinking critically