Year 2

Welcome to Year 2!

Year 2 is led by Ms Grant and supported by Miss Smith

Year 2 is an important year as we have SATs at the end but this does not stop up having fun! During the year our topics are the Great Fire of London; Explorers; Keeping Healthy; Incredible India; Sun, Sea and Sand and in Summer 2 we get to choose our very own topic as a class. We try to incorporate these topics into as many areas of our learning as possible and combined with exciting trips outside of school hopefully means every year 2 child has access to the new national curriculum and more importantly enjoys coming to school.

In English we try to ‘Write for Real’ to get children excited about learning but also prepare them for Key Stage 2. We use the Collins 'Big Cat' reading scheme books. Over the year we will write non-chronological reports, instructions, recounts, letters, diaries, stories and poetry. We are avid readers with guided reading taking place every day, different author studies, access to a big school library and home reading. We even have mornings when you can come in and read with your child. We also do phonics on a daily basis to help children with their decoding and spelling.

In maths we are working with a scheme called Abacus which has lots of exciting activities for your children to take part in and even has a home learning platform which means you can play maths-based games that are linked into our learning that week for rewards. We also like to explore maths as much as possible by doing investigations linked into our topic as well as using numicon and other resources to really embed our learning.

Finally being an all through school we also have great opportunities to link with the secondary school. We have specialist teachers who come and teach us Spanish, Computing and PE and we can also use all their wonderful resources.